Swarnamughi Tissue Culture Banana (10 plants)


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  • You will get 10 number of banana plants in this pack
  • You need to repot it in a slightly bigger pot or grow bag for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks you can plant it on the ground.
  • After planting it on the ground give a slight shade for 2 weeks till it adjust to the heat and lighting.
  • The banana will start be fully read to cut in span of 12 months. The time period can vary according to soil, climate and altitude. Average yield per banana tree can go upto 50 kg under proper care.
  • Swarnamughi is a special kind of plantain (nendran/നേന്ദ്രൻ) which can yield upto 60 KG in one bunch if properly cared. You can expect an average 30 to 35 kg yield.
  • This is a hybrid trademarked variety of ours and it has received lot of attention all over the world. It was featured in many news paper articles and made HAFI BIOTECH world famous.

Our Bulk Rate (more than 100 , 500 , 1000) varies and please contact 9447976685, 9947433377 or 0484 2686065 for more information

Below are a few of the news paper articles that featured Swarnamukhi published in Hindu and Indian Express (which is available online)

Indian Express

The Hindu

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