How to care your orchids? What are the general practices to be followed when it comes to orchid care? We will be discussing ideal practice to be followed and general tips and tricks regarding orchid care. These are general tips everyone may follow to make your orchids happy. We list here some care practices you can follow for each orchid species inorder to make them bloom frequently and to avoid diseases and pests. All the orchids we sell at our website are easy to grow and care for. 99% of orchids we sell require same growing condition and you can definitely keep all your orchids under one roof.

We will also discuss the most common diseases that can affect plants including orchids and how to treat them. Always prevention is better than cure. If you see an infected plant keep them separated from other plants since almost all infections spread from one plant to another. There are pests that can harm your plants and we need identify them immediately to save the plant being eaten or infected. Orchid care is not a difficult task. As far as our experience, Orchids require same amount of care as any other house plants. Almost anyone can grown orchids and it is suitable for our Indian climate.

In our greenhouse we grow all species of orchids in same growing condition and we get good results without much care. You can increase or decrease the lighting, watering condition for each species to get better results. But generally almost all orchids can be grown under same roof, with same watering frequency and under same lighting condition (which is 50% light, no direct sunlight). Watering frequency is different only for Catasetum orchids which require no watering when they go dormant. Also when dendrobiums are given more light they flower frequently.