Clowesetum Penang Waltz


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Clowesetum Penang Waltz is a cross of Cl. warczewitzii x Ctsm. Penang. Clowesetum is a hybrid genus produced by the crossing Catasetum orchids with Clowesia species. These hybrids are known for their vigorous growth and frequent blooming capabilities.

This is flowering size matured plant. This is highly fragrant and will be delivered with pots. Please check below the image and approximate size of the actual plant that will be delivered to you. It will be more or less the size shown below.

This is a catasetum orchid and it tend to loose leaf during the winter and turn into a bulb form. Watering should be very minimal during the bulb form (dormant phase) because plant is in winter hibernation stage.

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