Phalaenopsis Ready to Flower Size Zheng’s Treasure Map (WK2061)


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Flower Size: 13.5 cm. One of the biggest flowers among the hybrids

This Phalaenopsis belongs to a class of hybrids called Harlequin Phalaenopsis. It has beautiful patterns of pink, white and red blotches. Harlequin Phalaenopsis known for changing their color patterns. The color and pattern of the spots can vary with temperature. This is considered a special characteristics of these hybrids and in great demand due to their color changing patterns. Flowers are big in size and often blooms multiples times around the year. Easy to care and grow.

This is ready to flower size matured phalaenopsis orchid plant. This plant will be delivered in a pot planted in sphagnum moss. Repotting is not necessary. You can grow them indoor also under a window light. 


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