Ready to Flower Size Dendrobium JK Helix (Jairak Helix)


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This is a cross between two dendrobiums Dendrobium Jairak Twist and Dendrobium tangerinum. They are also called twisted petal dendrobiums or antelope denrobiums. The petals resembles horns of antelope and hence the name, A rare hybrid but easy to give flowers.
A very healthy hybrid dendrobium. Easy to flower and take care. Dendrobium hybrids are known to be the most easiest species to grow and is known for its bullet proof like capability to resist all kinds of infections and diseases. Can flower multiple times around the year and grows vigorously.

This is a blooming size or ready to flower size plant. Please see below the average size of the plant you will be getting. It will be more or less the size shown below. 

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