Formosum Myanmar (Mounted)


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Formosum dendrobiums has very lasting flowers upto 2 months. A very unique dendrobium and a frequent bloomer. It is know for its sequential arrangement of flowers on its canes rather than on the spikes. Just like all other orchids they prefer indirect sunlight light. They also do well in bright and dim light conditions. This hybrid has white petals with bright yellow lips. 

This is a healthy specimen of Formosum Myanmar mounted on a plastic mount. This is a matured blooming size plant. Please see below the average size of the plant you will be getting. It will be more or less the size shown below. Kindly note that this plant needs winter rest and it will loose its leaves during the winter temperature. Watering should be minimal during winter rest period. During spring, the leaves will sprout again with new growth.

During Winter Rest Period

During Growth Period

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