Trichocentrum Stacyi Blooming Size Wood Mounted


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Trichocentrum orchids are known for their colorful and fragrant flowers, making them popular choices among orchid enthusiasts. Trichocentrum Stacyi typically produces large, attractive flowers with a pleasant fragrance. This is an easy to care orchid plant and can be grown under our weather conditions.

One of the most distinctive features of Trichocentrum stacyi is its impressive flowers. The blooms are large and exhibit a vivid combination of colors, often featuring shades of yellow, orange, and red with intricate patterns that add to their allure. The flowers have a unique shape, characterized by broad, flattened petals and sepals, which give them a butterfly-like appearance.

This is a matured blooming  variety of Trichocentrum Stacyi. Please check the image of sample size of the plant you will be getting.


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