Mariposa 3 Lip Blooming Size (Giraffe Orchid)


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Psychopsis Mariposa is also called the ‘Giraffe Orchid’ or ‘Butterfly Orchid’. They are know for their continuous flower production capability. They produce flower one after another on the same spike for 10 to 15 years. So you must never cut the flower spikes. Even if the flower spike break, it will start branching below the break point and continue to flower. This is the magic of Mariposa. Flower can last upto a month and another bud will form in meaning and the process repeats. This is just grown like Phalaenopsis orchid. An easy to grown and flower plant that can last for many years.

Please see the average size of the plant you will be getting. It will be more or less the same size shown below.

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